Why don't you like me?

By : Cmj

Why don’t you like me?

Love yourself even if they don’t


 (The power of Positive thinking – mini documentary.) 

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(A mini documentary that shows how positive thinking can change the way you accept the fact that other people don’t like you, and it got nothing to do with you).


People don’t need to have a reason to dislike others at times. I know it can be complicated to understand but it is the reality of some people.


I understand that people dislike other people when they don’t understand them. It is a common reaction and it is something we can’t control, and forcing ourselves to show the best version of ourselves just to make others like us is evidence that we don’t like ourselves.


Trying to understand the reasons why people don’t like you creates this idea that there is a problem in you. But the problem is not with you, the problem is within those who do not give themselves an opportunity to get to know new people, those who won’t let others get inside their world and never discover what the world can offer. 


I refuse to think that the whole world will not like me, because I think positively about people,  and most importantly, I think positively about myself. Because I’m perfect in the way I am.


That’s why I will never ask anyone again “why don’t you like me?” Because positive thinking about myself showed me how amazing I am, positive thinking showed me how to love myself, and loving myself made me understand that just because you don’t like me doesn’t mean I don’t like myself.


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