Motivation, All You Need To Know And 9 Tips For Keep You Motivated.

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All You Need To Know
About Motivation And 9 Tips For Keep You Motivated.

The motivation is the voice you hear that says “you can do it”, “you must do this” or “you have to do this” is the fuel that gives you energy and power to your goals and make all your goals or activities a reality.

however, we give up our goals because we analyze them in a very superficial way without investigating the benefits or rewards you will have in the short term. Without motivation, even the simplest process or plan becomes impossible.

And on the other hand with great motivation and mental stability most likely, you will start to realize many of your goals; in a short and a long term. I would like to expand on the idea of motivation, because they usually always tell you “motivate yourself” or “look for motivation or incentive” but they don’t go beyond. But they forget that common people like you and like me always remain in doubt and generally get lost in the motivation process and that is in a big part of what makes us quit before starting.

Different Types Of Motivation.

Different types of motivation? For different reasons and goals? What all that means?

Before starting with some tips or ideas I would like to say that not all the motivations or incentives are seen as positive, for example “I want to be a better person so I will start doing yoga” or “I want to be more fitness to improve my health” but it also depends on the final goal because with the same examples the motivation can be different. “I want to be a better person, to show that person that I am good” or “I want to be more fitness to look better and show my ex im better now”. They are personal goals, and there are goals to show the world something or prove something. In any case it is still a motivation.  

already clarified that we can continue with some ideas that will help you understand more about this topic: (motivation)

9 Tips For Keep You Motivated.


1. A Clear And Attractive Objective.

The reason we pursue must be attractive enough to generate an important desire that encourages action, that make our feelings and mind full of positivity, that makes you excited even if it is a difficult goal to achieve.

2. Good And Appropriate References.

Define a high standard, something close to your final result after you reach your goal. from examples of other people who inspire you can be a very good source of motivation so you can get an idea of ​​where you want to go and what will you have when you be there. That can be a big incentive.

3. Work On Your Confidence.

Work every day on your confidence remembering that you’re working for yourself and your goals. Keep It always, because is your level of confidence that will provide the energy to perform the necessary activities to achieve your goal. Remember you are the boss;  “because you’re the only one in charge of you”.

4. Enjoy The Process.

Try to always remember how much do you value or appreciate the final goal because this is what is  going to put a smile on your face every time. See yourself every day getting closer to where you want to be, this is part of what is going to give you the courage  to face the activities that are required to reach your goal.

5. Recognize Your Distractions.

Recognize what would be your distractions or difficulties that may affect you or deviate you from your path. This is an important step that you have to be focus, not because those are going to stop you from your goal, is more because  when you recognize those you will be able to control them. In that way you’ll be able to face those distractions or difficulties in a different way so that will not affect you in the process to achieve your goal.

6. Understand The Value Of Time.

Try to educate your mind to understand how it perceives the time and how it relates to your goal because with that you will be more realistic with the process to achieve a goal. We normally self-regulate the time or do not take it into consideration when we think on our goal… But we must  understand that every process requires time and that have to be conscious of this on your mind.

7. Be Responsible With Yourself.

You must assume that you are the only one responsible for your results and the whole process depends exclusively on you. Nobody is going to work for you, nobody is going to push you every day to achieve it. you and only you are responsible. You’re responsible for keeping yourself motivated, and action that may lead to a desired result. For that reason  always be good with yourself because you are already working hard to reach your goal and change your life and that is a lot of work and you deserve to be treated good. Remember that.

8. Be Patient And Give Yourself Gifts.

Educate your mind so you will understand that you are in a process to be where you want to be and be in the way to be there is better than not even started. just with that in mind you will feel what people call satisfaction… 

You free to incentive yourself in the best way you think is correct, you’re gonna need it and u deserve it.

Being patient is very important and energizing or recharging is recommended, with a reward or gift every time you get one of the steps to achieve your goal. This usually gives you a recreational break and encourages you to continue working on your goal or your next  reward or in your final goal.

9. Recharge Your Motivation Daily.

It is necessary to maintain the emotional state over time and consistently. if not, it will end up disappearing.That’s why it’s good to visualize your goal daily,

with this you already have a general idea of ​​motivation and what you gonna need for get there and reach your goal.
succes and good luck.

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