the end of complaining

By : Cmj

The End of Complaining, using gratitude and positive thinking


complaining? is it not normal to use gratitude and positive thinking? Well… For some people, complaining seems to be a way of life. It’s their communication by default, from their opening comments in the morning until they finally fall asleep, and the next day they normally repeat the process.  Being around such chronic complainers can be draining, annoying, and frustrating. 


Complaining is some people’s favorite sport.  They even take it so seriously that they will gather with other expert complainers and compete about who has it worse.  They have their own battle cry: “Oh, you think that’s bad, you should hear what happened to me!”


Once I was at a restaurant eating dinner with some friends and witnessed such a “competition” firsthand.  People at the table took turns complaining about their jobs, their bosses, their spouses, the bank, the phone company, the Internet company, the schools, the president, the government, the taxes… On and on, they just continued complaining.  I just looked around, trying to make sense of it all, and asked: “Do you realize that you’re competing right now to see who has the worst life?”


Nobody responded at first, and then Linda, a friend of mine, started to laugh and said, “It’s true, isn’t that silly?” 


Now let me ask you something:Think about all the things you’ve complained about in your life, have any of these things gotten better thanks to complaining? Nope. Not one, I assume.  Complaining about people or situations in your life never fixes them, and the only reason why we do it is “as a way of relieving stress,” or for the immediate satisfaction of somebody saying “wow, that sucks, are you ok?”  But of course that sense of satisfaction does not last very long, because complaining promotes a negative outlook on life. 


When you complain, all you do is remind yourself of all the reasons why you are angry or frustrated, and in the long run complaining makes you feel sick and helpless.  You focus on what’s missing from your life, instead of focusing on what you have.  Think about it: What you’re telling yourself is I don’t have this, this person doesn’t love me, this person hates me, I’m not attractive, I’m not thin, I’m not rich, I’m not, I don’t, they don’t… How can you possibly hope to come up with solutions to your problems, to move on with plans for your future life, when your mind is drowning in such negativity?


Complaining is a prime example of negative thinking.  You focus your mind on the negative aspects of your life, you put out negative energy to others in the form of your complaints, and then in return, you get more negativity from other people who are complaining to you about their problems.  Do you see now how negative thinking works?  Your negative energy attracts all the other people who also put out negative energy, and in the end, all of you are just going to complain about your issues and never solve anything.


Instead of complaining, you should count your blessings. When you focus on gratitude and the things you do have and also positive thinking, you start seeing the world around you in a different way, and you can start to create solutions and come up with ways to solve the problems in front of you.


It may be true that you’re not thin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be; it may be true that that person doesn’t love you, but they are not the only person in the world.  Thinking of solutions and focusing on what you do have versus what you don’t have is always the best way to move towards fulfillment and success.


now you know complaining is not useful and gratitude and positive thinking will give you better results.


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