how to coach yourself

By : Cmj

Self Coaching and How to coach yourself


Everyone has the potential to coach themselves, and important changes can happen when you know how to use that potential. You can be able to do something and be successful at it, but if you don’t want to do it, the road to success will become more complicated.You, and only you, decide what to do and not to do with yourself. Once you are aware of that, you will be able to change your life in different ways. And self coaching is an excellent way to do it.


One of the bigger reasons to look for a coach is change. Doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of change and don’t know what will happen, or you just need to change and don’t know how to make it happen, whatever your situation is or whatever you want to accomplish coaching is the way to do it.


If you feel anxious, unsupported or depressed about something in your life, that should be the sign that you need to understand that you need coaching in your life. And that coaching can come from an external person or come from yourself.


To successfully coach yourself, there are a few things you first need to understand before starting.


Work on your self-awareness


To start you need to work on your self-awareness, There is no point in working by yourself if you are not aware of yourself, your real self.


And to help you in that process I got a few questions you need to answer.


What are your thoughts and beliefs? 


What drives you?

What’s your purpose?

What are your strengths?

What drains your energy?

What can not you do?

What’s going on inside of you?


Now, If you are not able to answer them easily and fast, don’t worry, it’s ok.. It just means you might need some work on your self-awareness. Try this if you need a little bit of help.


Be Alone In A Quiet Place


start being focused on your thoughts and try to think on the questions.keep in mind that distractions will break your process. 


Take Notes


The reason why taking  notes is important is that your thoughts need to come out of your head. With a coach, you say things out loud to another person. When you are coaching yourself, probably you will not talk to yourself outloud, that is why having it in your notes will help you to understand your thoughts more.


Now let’s go to the main reason for this video.


How to coach yourself


Define your goal or goals


Answer this question: What’s your goal? Is there Anything else? – If you have more than 1 goal, it’s okay, write them down too.


Now pick the one that is the most important to you today.


And ask yourself: Why is that goal important? What does it mean to you?


Work on your success criterias


Like you will do in a real coaching session, once you have chosen your goals, list your success criterias for your coaching session by answering these questions:


How will you know this self coaching is successful?

How will you know you have achieved the goal?

What does success look like?


The idea here is to spend some time writing a specific goal that you’re going to reach at the end of the session. Once your goal is defined, ask yourself: What needs to happen?


 Ask yourself the right questions


Everything here is about what questions you ask, and what they draw from you.


This will be the complicated part and will require preparation beforehand. Try to ask yourself based on your goal.


Is there anything else about _______?

Is there a relationship between ____ and _____?

What happens next?

What happens just before ______?

Where could _______ come from?


The idea is those questions draw thoughts from you, make connections with yourself and your goals, increase your self awareness, make you deal with your emotions, empower you, and bring you closer to your goals. And do not worry about how you phrase these questions, the most important is what you actually answer.


Repeat the process until it feels enough for you


Ask, answer, write, reflect, ask, answer, write, reflect. Repeat it till you feel you got it.. Repeat until you have explored everything you could. You will know when it’s time to stop when you have answered how to get to your goal based on your success criterias.


List the followup actions and put together what you’ve learned 


When you have a clear idea on how to get what you want, take a moment to list all the actions you will need to follow up with, in chronological order, starting with the one you need to do first. 


Now go back to your notes to read them again. Is there anything you could add to your list of actions? What did you learn from this process? Take a moment to think about what you just did. 


At this point you just created a full coaching session with yourself, and this is something that should make you feel proud about yourself.


And Don’t worry if you didn’t do it exactly how i said it or if you just felt confused, you will get better with practice, and i’m more than sure that you will be able to achieve all your goals coaching yourself.


And remember you have the power to control your mind and change your life and self coaching will help you on that.


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