Remember, You’ll Be OK… you are not the only one with anxiety (mental health)

By : Cmj

you are not the only one with anxiety


Do you worry a lot?  Are you ever anxious about how other people see you when you are simply walking down the street?  Do you worry about things that need to be done in your personal life — (anxiety)


things like running errands, paying bills?  Do you ever worry that you should be doing more than you’re currently doing?  


Do you worry about failure?


Well, you’re not alone.  These are common feelings. 


All of us worry about things that might go wrong, and we always focus on the bad outcomes.  But I’m here to tell you that those worries are often needless and unfounded, and I can tell you exactly why.  The answer may actually surprise you.  Ready?  It’s because you’ll be OK.  


Don’t believe me?  Well, you’ve worried about all these things before, haven’t you?  You worried about them last year, and the year before.  And yet you’re still here, still making your life work.


So you’ll be OK this time, too, because bad outcomes are rare, and they’re unlikely to happen.  And even if something bad does happen, it’s not going to be a disaster.


Let’s say you’re worried about being late for a meeting.  Well, if you are, is it really going to be a catastrophe that’s going to impact the rest of your life?  Most likely, no.  You’ll just apologize and move on.  


So remember, most of the things you worry about won’t come true, and even those that will sometimes come true are just little things that won’t have a lasting impact.  


Always keep that in mind and stop thinking that bad things will happen to you.  Start thinking that you’re going to be OK.  Allow yourself to feel good, and don’t let yourself be consumed by anxiety and worry all the time.



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