Practical Tips for Staying Positive During COVID-19

By : Cmj

Practical Tips for Staying Positive During COVID-19

Coronavirus Pandemic. (positive thinking- emotional health)


If you are seeing this, it’s because staying positive is an important subject for you during this quarantine.  That’s why today we will see why learning how to stay positive in negative situations helps with living a healthy lifestyle and empowers you to keep going in this complicated situation we are living in right now.


1. Be Happy


Surrounding yourself with positive people, both online and in real life, that will help you stay positive during this uncertain and complicated time. There are plenty of negative people out there trying to make this situation more complicated, you don’t need that in your life right now, try to avoid them.


Negative attitudes will only bring you down and will make your quarantine process more complicated. Remember that when you are positive, the people and situations around you will follow your lead as well.


2. Be Grateful


Even in the worst of times, we always have things in our lives to be grateful for. Take your time and see around you, you got a lot of stuff to be grateful for.


Practice gratitude. Keep a journal, talk about the things your entire family is grateful for. Set a family time to appreciate what you are grateful for that will create a positive mindset, and a mindset full of gratitude, for you and your family.


3. Be Mindful


Do you normally question your actions or punish yourself mentally? If the answer is yes, it is time to stop.. The More you talk negatively to yourself, the more that negativity will become a part of you and your life.


Instead of that, practice the power of positive thinking. Any time you have a negative thought that comes into your mind, try to replace it with a positive one. Maybe it sounds complicated but it will become more natural and easier after you try it a few times.


4. Be Active


We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, but what about your mind? 


Being active physically and mentally releases those natural endorphins in your brain that make you feel better. Exercise has physical, mental and emotional benefits. Getting out there and moving around will keep your body and your mind in better shape, and will improve your self-esteem. 


5. Be Open


Normally we resist change in our lives. That is why being in quarantine is so emotional and mentally demanding for everyone. We were used to doing what we want, when we want. But, now you must learn to accept that things are not in your control anymore. You must learn to adapt, to follow new rules. That’s the change that is making people lose control. 


So, what can we do? Well, you can not travel where you want right now. I know you are


spending lots of time at home. But let’s see it in a positive way.. 


This is an opportunity to take a moment and focus on what is truly important.


There is nothing more important than yourself, your family and friends.  It’s the time to learn how to improve yourself, how to appreciate each other again. Relearn how to communicate in different ways. 


Keep in mind that the most common excuse for everything is “i don’t have time” — well now you got time so it is the right moment to start doing the best for you. Stay positive.


And remember you have the power to control your mind and change your life


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