Overcome Procrastination and Be More Productive in 5 Steps.

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Overcome Procrastination and Be More Productive in 5 Steps.

Procrastinating is when you put off the task that you should be focusing on. Procrastination can diminish the quality of your work. It makes you miss deadlines, and people will not be willing to work with you if you are a procrastinator.

Procrastinating sometimes may be okay if you don’t miss the deadline, although it will give you a headache. Chronic procrastination, however, can lead to reduced productivity and cause you to miss out on achieving your goals.


Procrastination Isn’t Laziness:

Laziness is the unwillingness to do something, although it may seem similar to procrastination. Procrastination is a willful act to put off an unpleasant task and do something else that’s more enjoyable.


Are You Procrastinating?

Putting off a task because you need to complete a higher-priority task first is not procrastination. But spending a lot of time on low-priority tasks from your to-do list is procrastinating. Also, if you take a lot of breaks while doing high priority tasks just because you are not feeling up to completing the project, you’re procrastinating.


Why Are You Not Willing To Do It Right Now?

To overcome procrastination, you need to know why you are doing so in the first place. Maybe the task is just too much for you to handle at the moment, or perhaps your working environment is too messy to start working on the project. You can also put it off because you think you don’t have enough knowledge about the project.


How To Overcome Procrastination: 5 Ways To Fight The Challenges Of Procrastination.

“Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator” is not true at all. You can just overcome being a procrastinator by doing the things you have been putting off.


1. Get Started:

Stop putting it off and do it right now. Just think of it as now or never. There’s a thing you need to accomplish? A goal? A task? Just stretch yourself and start working on it. It is the first step to achieve your goals and overcome procrastination.


2. You Can Do It:

Don’t wait for your mood to get better to do the task, change your attitude towards the task and have a positive attitude.  Remember that nothing is impossible.


3. Divide The Task:

If you are overwhelmed by the work, divide it into smaller sections. For example, if you need to clean your house, divide the chores based on their priority, and then take care of every segment in an organized way.


4. Avoid Interruptions:

Keep your coffee breaks to a minimum.  Avoid checking your phone every minute; just focus on completing the task.  

Breaks can be a way to divert your mind when you are actually at the highest point of your focus. If you absolutely must take breaks, try to plan your breaks around completing certain segments of the task.  Avoid tying your breaks to specific times of day. For example, rather than saying “I will take a break at the top of the hour,” say “I’m going to take a break when my task is 50 percent complete.”  


5. Complete Tasks In An Efficient Way:

Efficiency means controlling waste, which includes waste of time and energy. Following advice given in this article should make you better at budgeting your time in order to complete your tasks more effectively and efficiently.

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