Overcome Difficulties, Boredom And Complaining Using Gratitude

By : Cmj

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Overcome Difficulties, Boredom And Complaining Using Gratitude.


The struggle ends when the gratitude begins:

Gratitude is being thankful. Gratitude is showing appreciation when we get something. If we focus on things around us and realize how blessed we are, it’ll make us feel happy, which will bloom into a gesture of gratitude. Happiness doesn’t always come as a result of something. We are always waiting for great blessing to show gratitude, but we don’t realize that happiness comes when we recognize and appreciate the things around us. Gratitude helps us to lead a calm life. It’s a way of showing that you are content with life, and you are happy and satisfied with what you have.


We cannot always choose to be happy, but we can always choose to be grateful, which results in happiness.

Everybody is looking for happiness in their lives. But what is happiness? Why is everybody looking for it?  Happiness is inside us. We have to look within us. If we start appreciating little things like being able to wake up in the morning to start a new day, having somewhere you can call home, and having enough food to be able to make breakfast. Do you feel happy now? Are you content with your life right now? It doesn’t mean you can’t wish to strive for more. It only means that being grateful for what you have right now will make you feel much better.


Turn your boredom into gratitude.

Boredom isn’t when you feel tired. It’s the opposite. It’s restlessness. Boredom is when you have nothing to do, but you have a strong urge to do something. You keep scrolling through social media, but soon, you feel empty and put your phone away because you are bored and want to do something. That time, when you are alone and bored, can be used for something productive.  You can use the time to think about how blessed you are, think about all the great memories you have of someone you love. In addition you can look at the blessings around you and be thankful. You can show gratitude that you have some time to spare to be grateful.


Difficulties are a blessing in disguise.

Obstacles are a part of life. Stop thinking, “why do bad things happen to good people.” No, bad things happen to all people because bad things are the way to show us good things. When something terrible happens to us, something good comes out of it.  Sometimes having a flat tire saves us from having a life-threatening accident. Did you lose a job? You’ll get a much better one. Did you lose a loved one? Look around. You have many loved ones who have come to console you. Be grateful for even the difficulties in your life.


Replace your complaining with gratitude.

You choose to be happy by seeing the good instead of the bad around you. If you keep focusing on bad things, you will lose the good stuff too. If you keep complaining about having to water your plants, you will miss out on how beautiful they are. Instead of complaining about having to cook a meal, try to be grateful for having food to put on the table, and you’ll be happier in your life. 

There’s always something to be grateful for. Be thankful for what you have, and you will get more.


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