By : Cmj

(Powerful Motivational Post)


Sometimes we all face situations where it’s hard for us to feel the motivation to continue pursuing our goals.  And when you are faced with that kind of situation and you ask others for advice on what to do, usually what you hear is you have to continue fighting.  But I want to tell you that there’s another way.  (IS OK TO GIVE UP)


I am here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with giving up.  If you are going to give up on something, I can tell you that it is within your right to do it, and you should do it if you think it’s the right decision for you.  


The most important thing is making sure it is, in fact, the right decision.  Don’t give up out of fear.  Don’t just give up because the obstacles seem too great to overcome.  Look at the whole situation, analyze the possibilities and outcomes, and if you come to a conclusion that what you were doing isn’t worth your time, it’s OK to give up. 


It’s fine to give up if you feel like you already gave it your all and you know it’s just not working out.  It’s fine to give up on your plans if you think there is an even better opportunity coming your way.  


But make sure you’re not giving up just because you had a bad day, or because you just want to stay in your comfort zone.  If you’re considering giving up, the key here is to take your time, look within yourself, and find the best option for yourself going forward.


But you should remember that if you come to a decision to give up, do not complain later.  Don’t make excuses and don’t look for someone to blame.  It was your decision, and you are always supposed to be responsible for your decisions.  Don’t spend the rest of your life regretting your decisions.


If you are going to give up after taking all I just said into consideration, do it.  But if you do it, remember to take responsibility and move on.



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