how to deal with problems

By : Cmj

How to use gratitude and positive thinking to deal with problems in your life:



I want to dispel a common myth about gratitude and positive thinking.  A lot of people think that positive thinking isn’t useful for solving real problems in your life, but it’s not true.  Positive thinking does not mean just closing your eyes and hoping for the rain to stop.  In fact, positive thinking fueled by gratitude will allow you to seek solutions to your problems, and in this post, I’m going to offer some tips about how to deal with issues using positive thinking.


First, you have to acknowledge the situation. 


Sometimes we try to stay in denial when we’re faced with a problem.  However, the longer you try to avoid the problem, the longer it will take to address it.  Acknowledging the situation will give you a different picture of the problem, so you can finally see it and face it.  You have to be prepared to face the situation head-on so you can get through it. Even if you can’t change the situation, acknowledging it can help you accept it and move on.


Second, you have to realize that it’s OK to feel bad


when you are facing a problem, and that dealing with that problem will take time.  Don’t beat yourself up for feeling bad about setbacks.


Often, when things go wrong, we start blaming ourselves. We start replaying scenarios in our heads and fantasise about alternate realities where we could have done something differently. It’s normal to do that at first, but remember that we all do things we sometimes regret.  There is an old Latin proverb that, roughly translated, says “To make mistakes is human; to persist in those mistakes is diabolical.”  The important thing to do after you make a mistake is to start thinking positively, and the way you can do that is to learn from your error and avoid doing it again. Don’t start hating yourself for making a mistake.  


Third, identify what you cannot change.


Don’t waste your time and energy trying to change things that can’t be altered. You can’t change other people and you can’t change your past. Identify what is within your control and find a way to fix that. And remember that even if you can’t change the situation, you can always change your attitude.  For example, if you lost your job, don’t waste your time being angry at your boss.  Instead, stay positive and try to focus on getting a new job as soon as possible.


Four, focus on what you can gain. 


I know facing problems can be hard, but something good can always come out of bad circumstances.  Focus on the future and on what you might gain for having survived a tough situation.  Overcoming difficulties can make you a stronger person, or maybe you’ll have learned a valuable life lesson. Whatever it is, try to view your present situation as a learning experience that will help you in some way later in life.


Five, move on. 


Once you’ve accepted the situation and taken the necessary steps to fix it, it’s time to move on. Don’t dwell on what went wrong.  If you are struggling with moving on, learn how to distract yourself, or use your existing support structures.  Spend some time with friends and family when you’re feeling down.  Do something nice for yourself, like treat yourself to a night out or a dinner at your favorite restaurant, or buy something nice for yourself. Remember that your life is more than just a collection of your past mistakes.


And last, continue the mindful practice of gratitude and positive thinking. 


Even when you’re facing serious problems, there is always a way out if you are persistent and resourceful.  Remember to be thankful not just for the things you have or the people who are in your life; you should always feel grateful for being alive, for the chance to learn and try new things, and for the opportunity to improve yourself every single day. 



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