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How To Stay Productive During Quarantine. [ 6 Easy Ways To Do It ]

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Staying Productive During Quarantine Is One of the biggest struggles people are having right now while being quarantined. Staying at home can be complicated and more when our routine and possibility to be outside is being limited, but i got you a few tips that will help you to work on that.


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1. Make your schedule more flexible.


Being flexible is the important word here. If normally you got problems waking up in the morning, just like me… let me tell you that now it’s going to be more complicated because even morning people are having issues trying to keep that routine. That’s why being flexible is the key… and creating a schedule that matches with your new lifestyle is really important


Be honest with yourself, if you feel tired or drained during the day, try to slow down and take your time. Being in quarantine during those times is really complicated and takes a lot of emotional and mental energy from us. And don’t worry you are not alone on this, is normal and we are all facing the same issue.


2.Take a shower


This one may sound a little weird but is really useful… as you did before all this quarantine happened… you wake up, take a shower and get ready to go to work, try to do the same now while you are home. This will help you to start your day in a different way and will help you to not stay in bed all day even if the only you will do the whole day is laundry


3. follow your to-do list


This one sounds a little obvious but try to do and follow your to-do-list, try your best to do your activities onthose moments when you not feel tired or overwhelmed by all this situation, and if you want to speed up the process try to mix activities from your list, and is also a good idea spent time with your family while you do you activities.


4. start working on your resume! 


If you’re facing an unemployment situation right now and not feeling sure if you are going back to your old job or need to look for a new one. Working on your resume, updating your skills or even creating a website is something that will keep you relevant when we go back to the normal life


5. Learn a new skill!


Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be something complicated  or take a long long time, the idea is you can learn something new that improves your life or something to add to that resume i mentioned before.


You can try here youtube, or all the websites that offer courses for free or for a cheap price.


Like, CodeAcademy,

SkillShare, Coursera, Lynda,

Duolingo, skillsuccess

I leave you down there on the  description a few sites that will help you with your new skill process.

CodeAcademy: Learn how to code for free through 180 hours of content

SkillShare: Online classes  (You can get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium as a new member)

Coursera: Learning skills from the top universities (also offer programs to complete certificates and degrees online from world-class universities and companies)

Lynda: (One free month for new members)

Duolingo: Learn a language for free!



6. Know when to take a break


Here I am not saying you should be sitting watching netflix all day instead of doing your activities, what i mean is to recognize when you feel tired. If you can go for a walk or step outside for 10 minutes that will be a nice break. but If you’re unable to leave your house, try to do some stretches or try a quick phone call with family or friends when you need a break from work or your daily routine.


We are facing complicated times right now and I know it is complicated to stay motivated, but eventually we will be back to normal, remember that feeling down is ok but i promise you that everything will be ok.


And remember you have the power to control your mind and change your life


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