stop felling guilty

By : Cmj

How to rid yourself of feelings of guilt using gratitude and positive thinking.:



 Guilt can be one of the biggest blockers of gratitude known to mankind.  It’s incredibly difficult to feel grateful when you feel like a phony because of guilt. and riding yourself of feelings of guilt using gratitude and positive thinking will change your life


The most common source of guilt for people has to do with their bad habits.


Let’s say for instance that you wanted to lose some weight and eat healthier, but a week after you started to eat healthy, you went on a junk food binge that would have made Colonel Sanders blush.  Or let’s say that you wanted to start exercising.  You joined a local gym and you got a bunch of gear to get started, but you went once, and then stopped going. 


In both of those cases, you feel guilty because you let yourself down.  Guilt is a natural reaction to failure, but now it blocks you from moving forward.  So, the question becomes, how do you get rid of this guilt and welcome gratitude back in?


The answer is forgiveness.


It may sound overly simplistic, but you need to be able to forgive yourself.  You may already know that forgiveness is the answer to feelings of guilt, but in reality forgiving is a hard thing to do, because it requires an acknowledgement of failure, and necessitates a plan to move on. Acknowledging a mistake is difficult for some because it hurts their pride and ego, and getting back on track is difficult for those who want to use guilt as an excuse to stop trying to achieve what they want.


Whatever situation you’re dealing with in your life that makes you feel guilt requires you to develop the courage to forgive yourself. 


So, if you want to develop new empowering habits for your life, but you feel guilty because you haven’t been consistent or because you feel like a fake person, you need to forgive yourself for slipping.  It’s natural, and it’s part of the process.


Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, the most successful people at that particular thing are not the most perfect people; they are the most stubborn people. For instance, if you’re looking to lose weight and you slip one day and eat a tub of ice cream or you skip a day of exercise, don’t beat yourself up; just get right back on track and keep going.


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