How to overcome fear of rejection

By : Cmj

How to overcome fear of rejection

Normally People can be afraid of losing comfort in their lives, facing health problems, losing social status, running out of money, or losing loved ones. But also, even if it is not easy to accept, we are afraid of rejection. and overcome the fear of rejection can be the beginning of a big change

There is a kind of need for social approval from others, a need to be liked and to fit in. 

Seeking safety in other people is often not the right decision for your emotional health. What you really need to find is security within yourself. Because if you feel insecure about yourself, you can mistake criticism for rejection, and misinterpret other people’s intentions.   

How to deal with fear of rejection

The most important thing is to recognize that this fear of rejection is there. That is the first step and actually is the most complicated one. Face it and start taking steps to overcome it. Now we will see a few ideas about  How to deal with it

1. Recognize what’s going on

Introspection can be useful to you. Look inside yourself and think deeply about your beliefs about how fear of rejection can influence your behavior.  

You cannot change behaviors if you don’t want to or if you are not aware of what’s going on. Look for signs, but not only of what is going wrong, but also of what is working. You must be honest with yourself and see both sides of the story.

2. Think about how you want to feel

The person who feels rejected normally thinks about it all the time.  They concentrate on the idea that they don’t want to feel that way or on the reasons why they are being rejected. This is actually the wrong focus if you want to overcome  the situation, because you are running in circles about  the situation and not actually about how to face it.

Let go of the fear.  Fear of rejection can be emotionally devastating.  The less you think about being rejected, the better you will feel about yourself, and the more relaxed and self-confident you will be. The confidence you will gain will make you see things differently and will help overcome the fear of rejection easier.

3. Think about on how that fear of rejection began

It is likely that you felt rejected or excluded from others during your years in school. If that’s the case, close your eyes and think about everything you’ve learned since then. Imagine yourself as a nice and calm child without fear of rejection. Visualize yourself as a confident person, telling that child not to worry, that everything will be fine.

Even if it may seem strange, this simple exercise has a great impact on the way you understand how you felt as a child and helps you to reduce those moments. Knowing the reason for the fear can be the first step to change it.

4. Use your imagination in a constructive way

Close your eyes and use your imagination to feel and visualize your behavior in situations where you would normally feel insecure. You will become more aware about what you are doing next time you feel that way

5. Do not assume anything 

Questioning yourself is a good way to learn. Taking the time to study your mind is not bad. Actually it is really good and it can help you to find out who you really are. but, don’t try to predict the future. Don’t try to predict how others will react to you.  Let go of the anxiety you feel about other people’s reactions, and in that way you can relax and be free of negative thoughts. 

Not assuming is the key to having confidence and enjoying life. No one knows what is going to happen, nor what others really think. We cannot predict the behavior of others, because each one reacts differently in different situations and to different people. so, be sure of yourself and relax … Everything will be all right.

And remember you have the power to control your mind and change your life


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