How to eliminate fear and worry from your life.

By : Cmj

How to eliminate fear and worry from your life.


I still remember 10 years ago when i was a different person, full of negative thoughts and fear, and as a result, I was anxious and worried about a lot of things that now don’t even make sense. Having a low self-esteem created an endless circle of worry and anxiety that was destroying my future. Thinking in this way all the time became a default pattern of feeling unhappy and powerless. until one day I felt the need to change my life. And I did it, and it is one of the best decisions I ever made, and today I will share with you one of the exercises that changed my life. and that is how i discover that eliminate fear and worry from your life is important


I want to start this post asking you,  How often do you overthink making a decision, or imagine the worst possible outcome when you have not even done it yet? I know it is normal and it is a fear that happens all the time, and we don’t even see it as something bad . 


We got more fears in us that control our decisions and lives 


Fear of embarrassment. Fear of losing someone. Fear of rejection. Fear of failing. Fear of being judged. Fear of being seen.


All those fears are the reason we stop taking action.  Fears are slowly draining our emotions, but in some way it can be good to be reminded that your mind is taking care of you. What i mean is.. when you think about something painful, your mind will want to protect you and move you away from  the pain. If you have been rejected in the past and the experience hurt in some way, you will likely fear being rejected again because deep in your mind you remember that same feeling of vulnerability. The truth is that if you live your life avoiding pain, you will never be able to grow. Remember that there will always be times when things feel a little uncomfortable, but in the end all will be fine.


Now we are going to practice a good exercise to control any overwhelming thoughts and fears that can show up in your mind.


Grab a piece of paper and divide it in three columns:


1) Write a list of  your worries and fears, 


Don’t worry about how weird or crazy they can be. Just focus on writing them. Write out the worst possible outcome for each one of your fears or worries.


2) Write out a positive response to your fears,


Now Write something positive about one of the worries or fears from your list. This will help you understand and connect to any deep mind block that you can have, and as a result you can then reprogram these thoughts with positive affirmations.  For example, let’s say one of your fears is that you’re going to be fired from your job.  You could say something like “I’m good at my job,” as an example of a positive statement connected to your worries.


Write as many positive statements as you can think of.  “I’m good at my job.”  “I’m an important person at work.”  “I have a good personal relationship with my boss” — any and all positive comments you can make about the situation, the more the better.


Positivity will help you reframe your statements about your fears.  When you see just how many things  you actually have going for you, instead of worrying about getting fired, you might come away from the exercise thinking that you are, in fact, doing pretty well at work.


Try to take your time and do each point of the exercise thinking deeply and honestly, and you will  find out what your mind is trying to protect you from. The idea is you will be able to understand yourself more.


And remember you have the power to control your mind and change your life

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