eliminate negativity from your life

By : Cmj

Eliminate negativity from your life: (use positive thinking and self-talk on your life)



Daily mindful practice of gratitude and positive thinking will change how you feel about yourself and help you eliminate negative self-talk from your emotional vocabulary.


What is self-talk?


“Self-talk” refers to the way you speak to yourself and the way you feel about yourself, and it has a great influence on your outlook on life.  For example, when you are making plans for the future and say things like “I could never do that,” you are in fact shutting the door to any possibility of you even beginning to accomplish your goals.  On the other hand, saying to yourself, “If I want to, I can get there,” or “It doesn’t matter if I make a mistake, I still want to try to get it done,” are examples of positive self-talk.  


Better self-talk starts with better questions. 


You might be wondering, why questions, what questions? Well, we often use questions to frame our train of thought, so much so in fact that the ancient Greeks, the fathers of philosophy, believed that questions are the foundation of problem-solving, and asking the right questions will always lead you to the best outcomes.


Oftentimes we ask ourselves questions like “Why does this happen to me? What’s wrong with me?” This is not the right type of question to ask yourself, because that kind of a question immediately implies that there has to be something wrong with you.  The worst part about this is that whenever you ask a question like that, your brain will always without fail come up with an answer, and it won’t pull any punches.  So if you ask a question like, “Why am I such a fat pig?,” your brain will come up with an answer like “Because you stuff your face with everything you find like a pig!”  But instead, if you ask a better question like “How can I start to lose weight?,” your brain will give you a better answer, like “They say that diet and exercise helps; there is a gym a few blocks down”. Or, if you are faced with a problem, don’t ask, “why did this happen to me?”  Instead, ask yourself, “what can I learn from this?”  


If you ask yourself better questions, you will get better answers.  After all, as it says in the Bible, “ask and you shall receive.”  Don’t ask yourself questions that have no possible good answers.  Ask yourself questions that will lead you into action.


But remember that allowing others to speak and act in a negative way around you can be as damaging as negative self-talk.  We are all social creatures, and research shows that moods can be contagious.  When we interact with someone, we unconsciously try to match our moods with theirs.  Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as “emotional contagion.”  That means that choosing to interact with positive people and minimizing contact with negative people can have a life-changing effect.  


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How to use gratitude and positive thinking to deal with problems in your life:


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