Did the universe knock on my door?

By : Cmj

Did the universe knock on my door?

( law of attraction success story – mini documentary )

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(a mini documentary about how ready are you when the universe give you all you ever ask and you will be able to keep it… base on the law of attraction and the manifestation process)


Ask for what you want and be ready to get it. Was the statement that changed my life


You cannot imagine how amazing the universe is when you create a close communication with it even if you don’t understand how that communication works. We often want to change, we want a different life, but when that change comes, we get confused, we don’t know what to do, we don’t know how to act, and it’s only because we are not ready to receive what the universe has for us.


That is the reason why most people struggle to keep what they have.  That’s the reason that people who win the lottery go broke, that is the reason why most people who ask for a perfect spouse get divorced, that is the reason why most people who ask for a good job get fired… and is only because they don’t know how to deal with what they wanted. They were never ready to handle that level of change. 


you need to know that change will come, but what will you do when it happens? Do you have the right mindset? Do you know how to keep it? Even when you get what you want, there will be new challenges. And if you are not ready, you will lose everything that the universe brings to you. 


And it was then that I understood that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I understand now that being prepared is the only way to be ready when the universe knocks on my door, and when that happens, all that I ask for will be mine and I will keep it. 


My life changed for the better because I understood the universe.  My life keeps improving all the time because I’m always ready to receive all that I ask for and if you understand that, your life will start to change, too.


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