Black Lives Matter

By : Cmj

Dear Brothers And Sisters, Thank You, ( Black Lives Matter positive thinking – Mini Documentary )



(a mini documentary about Black Lives Matter, positive thinking, change, power and gratitude about the racial revolution of 2020 in a positive thinking way)


I just want to say thank you to my people.


With all this situation, all this new revolution happening I prefer to look at the positive side of the story. I’ve been facing racism my whole life,  been dealing with fear and anxiety about my future just for being black. And it just became a lifestyle after living that every single day, and now with this new revolution I refuse to focus on the negative side of history.


And I just want to say to my people thank you,  Thank you for being strong, thank you for having a smile even in the worst times, thank you for showing me that fighting for our rights is worth it. and not only because they see us as less than humans, it’s because you are  teaching the world that being black is beautiful, being black is perfect..


Even if some people are using the situation for personal benefits or they are  just supporting the movement because it became a trend, or just because people are scared about how to deal with us, with black people, i just want to say Thank you, because all this new revolution is showing the world that being racist is wrong.  


Even if it is hard for me to believe that before all this  people were not aware about how strong and bad racism is, I still prefer to see it as a new mindset, a positive mindset. Now people are more awake about us, awake about how they have been treating us. Awake about how they have been living in their own privilege, and for me that is a win, a win that makes me happy and brings joy to my life because it is  a win that we didn’t have a few weeks ago.


Dear brothers and sisters out there  fighting right now, you are the positive images we have, you are an inspiration to the world, and you have the power to inspire kids for generations to come. The impact you are creating now around the world is huge… and we must keep going  


And that is why I want to say thank you.


(Black Lives Matter positive thinking)


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