is not back luck is your mindset

By : Cmj

Controlling your mindset makes you have good luck:


Controlling your mindset makes you have good luck? well, you will find out. Do you know those people who seem to have it all? And when people ask why they seem to have absolutely everything, they simply say they’re lucky?


It surely seems to be that way, doesn’t it? They seem to get the best partners, the best kids, the best opportunities, the most amazing relationships, and all of the resources they desire, but it’s not the same for you. You can’t seem to get the same results they do.


It’s easy to say they are just lucky, that some people have good luck and others don’t, but when we take a closer look, that story doesn’t seem to hold up.


History is filled with stories of people who had nothing, born in the worst possible conditions, overcoming all odds and getting everything they ever wanted in life, and on the other hand people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths whose greatest accomplishments were going in and out of rehab.


So what’s the difference between the people who have “good luck” and the people who don’t? Well,


the answer is a mindset.


The answer is mindset… Life is not about resources.  It’s about resourcefulness, and it’s about being focused.  The people who seem to get the best business opportunities or the biggest career breaks are people who have been actively and tirelessly looking for these things for years — networking, making friends, closing deals and knocking on doors — until one day someone who had something good to offer thought of them first.


The people who seem to have the greatest relationships with their spouse and kids have devoted time and effort to being there for their loved ones, developing a genuine interest in taking care of them physically and emotionally, so that today their relationship would be that much stronger.


The people who seem to have the best body and the best health have devoted time and effort every single day towards getting to where they are now.  They had been taking care of what they eat, and had trained day in and day out.


What I’m taking such a long time to explain here is that there is no such thing as luck when it comes to these things.  It’s really all about developing habits conducive to reaching these goals.  The people who seem to effortlessly have it all, in fact, devote a lot of effort into developing the right habits in every area of their lives.  They make their own luck, and there is a way for you to do that as well.


Let’s say that you think you have “bad luck,” that the whole universe is conspiring against you to ruin everything in your life.  If you believe in this, what your brain is going to do is miss or discard all the positive or the good stuff that happens in your life, even if you have it in front of you, and is going to reinforce all the bad or negative stuff that goes in favor of your belief.


Why? Because of the way our minds filter information.  There’s a region of the brain, called the reticular activation system, or RAS, that takes in all the visual and auditory stimuli you receive, filters out what’s important, and sends that information to the part of the brain that is responsible for your conscious mind.  


But how does it know what’s important and what’s not?  Your inner self tells it what’s important.  If you believe something, and think about it often, your RAS starts regarding information that validates those beliefs as important, and starts filtering out all the information that does not support those beliefs.  To put it simply, if you think you are bad at math, your RAS filter will retain all the times you made a mistake in arithmetic, but will not let you remember all the times you solved a math problem correctly — thus reinforcing your belief that you are bad at math.


This filtering process happens with everything: Opportunities, relationships, love, money, luck. If you think you are bad at something, all you’ll ever see and remember are the times you were bad at it.


But by consciously changing your beliefs, you can reprogram your filter.


Our beliefs are the result of our past experiences.  If you create new experiences in your mind, you can start to change the way you filter information. 


There’s a trick we can use to create new experiences, called visualization.  Our brains do not recognize the difference between reality and imagination. The brain attaches the same neurological importance to what we imagine happened to us as to what actually happened.  That means we don’t necessarily have to live a new experience, but we can tell our brains we are living it. Visualizing it is enough to make the brain think that it is happening.


The brain and the reticular system have a verification procedure based on repetition. Repetition is how our brains decide what becomes part of our neural makeup. If you visualize your goals often, that will create an “impact” in your brain, and your RAS will start to filter in information related to your goals.


And once that happens, that mindset, you will start seeing opportunities to achieve your goals that you may not have noticed before.  For example, you decide you want to join a gym.  You visualize your goal of getting a better body.  All of a sudden, you might notice that the gym near your work offers a membership discount this month.  That’s information that would have been filtered out by your RAS as irrelevant before, but now you become aware of it.  It’s the same process as learning a new word and all of a sudden starting to see it everywhere.


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