A Practical Guide For Positive Thinking

By : Cmj

A Practical Guide For Positive Thinking

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Did you know that about 80% of your daily thoughts are negative and almost all of them are repetitive? When we play those negative thoughts on a loop, we end up thinking in a negative way more often than we think in a positive way. (Guide For Positive Thinking)


Not all negative thoughts are bad. For example, being alert can help you survive.  However, most negative thoughts are useless. They only create imaginary and unnecessary drama in your life.


Now… Let’s do an exercise together.


Step 1.


Get ready and take out a piece of paper or whatever you want to use for writing.


Step 2.


Now, list every negative thought you have on your mind right now. If you need time, you can pause the video.


Once you have written everything down, try to go deeper and write more thoughts about:


Your fears

Your insecurities

Your losses

Things that stress you out 

Things that irritate you about other people


Step 3


Now, we are gonna do another list.


here, for every negative thought, write at least one positive thought.


If you fear failure, write about a time when failure helped you grow as a person.


If you’re insecure about your skills, write about how much you have improved since you started learning a particular skill.


If you have lost a relationship, write about the good times you and your significant other spent with each other.


If you stress about work, write about how your work is helping you and other people.


If you don’t like your coworkers, try to write something positive about them.


Shifting perspective sounds easy. But actually it’s not.


It takes time and practice.


This is why we are doing this exercise right now. Once you do it, your mind will remember it.


It will become part of your thinking process. Whenever you think a negative thought, remember it can become a positive one. Just as we did in this exercise.


Are you scared about giving a speech in public? Think of the positive impact you will make on your audience. You lost money? Think of what you have remaining in your life. Feeling jealous of others? Write down some good things about yourself to learn to appreciate yourself more. You lost your job? Think about how good you will feel when you find another one.


Make this positive mindset a lifestyle. Take it as a challenge to control and balance your thoughts.


The idea here is to make this positive mindset part of your life. Once it has become part of your thinking process, you will shift your perspective and change the way you see the world and your life.


Keep in mind that every process requires time, but if you have the right tools, it becomes easier.


Try this exercise daily if you need to.  I guarantee you that you will start seeing changes in your mindset in less than a week.


And remember you have the power to control your mind and change your life


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