A Few Words To Those Who Are Struggling

By : Cmj

A Few Words To Those Who Are Struggling

( mini documentary )


Are you facing problems, are You struggling, or maybe hurting? I know this can be difficult. It can feel hopeless and  lonely.


These feelings are real and around you all the time, and I know they are really hard to control. How do you face all this when you don’t have the motivation to face anything? 


I am sorry you’re hurting and struggling. But know  even if you feel alone, you are not alone. I’m here for you, and I’m with you because I’m thinking of you, all of you. I’m connected to you because I too have faced problems that made me lose control of myself. We have shared pain, shared loneliness.


And it’s not just me: every single human being who is alive has felt this kind of pain, hopelessness, and loneliness at one time in their life. We are all connected through this shared pain and struggle. We feel alone, and in this we are all connected.


I can’t take away your pain, but I can be that voice you didn’t know you need, to tell you that you are not alone, that whatever you are facing will not last forever, you will get over it and will become stronger in a way you never imagined, all this pain and frustration you are feeling now will be memories .


Hang in there and remember this moment in your life  is only a page of your book, a book called life, and in that book you will always have a happy ending.


remember, everything will be ok.


because you have the power to control your mind and change your life


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