9 tips to set your goals and stay motivated

By : Cmj

9 tips to set your goals and stay motivated on your process 


what is motivation?


The motivation is the voice you hear deep inside you that says “you can, you must or you have to.” It is the fuel that gives you energy and power to achieve your goals and make all your dreams a reality. however, we give up on our goals because we analyze them in a very superficial way, without investigating the benefits or rewards we will get in the short term. 


Remember, Without motivation, even the simplest process or plan becomes impossible. (stay motivated)


And on the other hand with great motivation and mental stability, Most likely, you will start to realize many of your goals, in a short and in a long term


Set a Clear and attractive goal.


The goal you want must be attractive enough to create a strong desire that forces you to action. That goal has to make you excited even if it is difficult to achieve.


Find an Appropriate reference.


Look for high standards, examples of other people who inspire you can be a good source of motivation so you can get an idea of ​​where you want to go and what you will get and feel when you are in the same position as the person you set as a reference.


Be confident


Believe in yourself.  Your level of confidence will be the key to your process so you can perform the necessary activities to achieve your goal whatever it is, always remember that you’re the only one in charge of your future. 


Think about the process


 I will just ask you something, How much do you want the final result of your goal, to be able to face the activities that are required to reach it? Always keep in mind that you need a process to achieve a goal. It can be good or bad, take a long time or just a few days, but you need to figure it out before you start.


Know your distractions


recognize what would be your distractions or difficulties that may affect your process and think about if you will be ready to face and control them so they won’t affect you in the process of achieving your goal.


You will need time


You have to educate your mind to understand  that to achieve a goal you are gonna need time. We usually don’t take it into account when we think of a goal…


but we have to understand that every process requires time and you have to be conscious of it




You must assume that you are the only one responsible for your results, and these results depend exclusively on you. nobody is going to work for you, nobody is going to push you every day to achieve it. you and only you are responsible for your process, remember that you’re the only one responsible for your motivation


Be patient 


You need to understand that you are in a process and that process will give you huge satisfaction in the end… Being patient is very important, and recharging yourself is even more.


With a small gift for yourself every time you get one of the steps on the way to achieve your goal will help you to stay motivated, This usually will give you a break and empower you to continue doing more for your final goal


Daily motivation


It is necessary to maintain the emotional state over time consistently, if not, it will end up disappearing. That’s why it’s a good idea to visualize your goal daily, even make a dream board or write your goals down and remind yourself  all day why you are doing all this, why you are working hard to achieve your goal.


Keep in mind  that your motivation will go up and down all the time, and  that is normal. But it is on you to work on that every time your motivation goes down.


And remember you have the power to control your mind and change your life (stay motivated)


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