5 Reminders That You’re Doing Better Than You Believe

By : Cmj

You’re Doing Better Than You Believe


Sometimes we feel stuck in our lives, and we feel bad about not reaching our goals, not accomplishing what we set out to do.  It is a common feeling, and it can take different forms. Sometimes you might feel like everyone else is further ahead of you and you’re just trying to keep up, or you might even feel like there is something broken within you like there is something wrong with you as a person. (Because You’re Doing Better Than You Believe)


But you are not a failure. You are not broken. You are not a disappointment. And today i am going to give you five reminders that you’re doing so much better than you think.


  1. Progress is hard to see from where you are right now. 


If you make a little bit of progress each day, you’re not going to see the small changes happening. Let’s see it in this way:  When you see someone from your past for the first time in years, they might look completely different to you, even though they look pretty much the same to people who see them every single day. 


Remember, you are too close to see your own growth, but it’s there, even if you can’t see the difference.


  1. You are making unfair comparisons. 


You are comparing yourself to famous people who are the same age as you. You are looking at their highest accomplishments and beating yourself up for not reaching the high standards they have set. 


But if you take a minute and compare yourself to any other average person, I’m more than sure that you are probably doing really well in comparison. Maybe you are even doing great!  But don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have big standards and goals, but you should not be so hard on yourself for not reaching your goals as quickly as someone else.


  1. You don’t appreciate your own successes. 


It’s easier to stay angry at yourself for a long time than it is to be proud of yourself for a long time. When you accomplish something really good that you have been working hard on, the excitement is going to disappear quickly. But on the other hand, when you make a mistake, you are going to dwell on it for days, weeks or even months. So if it looks like all you have done is making mistakes lately, probably your mind is playing tricks on you. You have accomplished a lot. The problem is you have been simply allowing the bad things to use more space in your thoughts. Basically, you have been focusing on the worst and forgetting the best.


  1. You would not feel this way about anyone other than yourself. 


If your closer friends have accomplished the same amount you have accomplished, you would be proud of them. You would be congratulating them. You would be telling them what a great job they have done. So why can’t you just feel that same excitement for yourself? Even if it is hard to tell your brain to stop thinking of yourself like an enemy, you need to start treating yourself more like a friend.


  1. You are still here. 


You don’t give yourself enough credit for that. You have made it through your worst moments. You’ve survived your biggest challenges. Even if you don’t feel like you are at your strongest right now, you still made it until today. And you can make it all the way through tomorrow, too.


Always keep in mind that it took strength to get where you are, and you can use that strength to keep going. 

You’re Doing Better Than You Believe




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